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It's a crockpot meal, and I'm married to a midwesterner. That's like asking an Italian to boil up some noodles.
Huh. I did not know that either. I will say your version of "keeping it simple" and mine are totally different. In my version, I buy food someone else has made. Usually pizza. You guys are better people than me.
My cousin should just stand in the middle of the UGA campus holding a sign that says "I'm just here to see who will stock the water cooler in my future aerospace firm."
My guess Mary is that this kid loves the word avocado so his dad played a prank on him, with fantastic results. And FB, yes, until Mexico cuts off our supply. Although I think ours also come from California.
It’s creepy AND funny. Great job, Susan. What we need now is a company that prints pictures onto curtains so it looks as if someone’s pulling back the curtain and peering out.
I'm neither a coffee drinker nor a restaurant-goer, but I associate "Bunn" with "coffee." Of course, it may have stuck with me because I always thought that "Bunn" was a cute name, like it might have been short for "Bunny."
Our big problem here is junkies more than just homeless people. If they can't beg for money they will simply break into your car or house and take it. I'm not saying I give them money so that they won't steal my shit, but while their suffering is directly caused by their shitty choices, it is still suffering. Like we can't imagine. I *sort* of can because I had to kick opiates and it suuuuuuucked but it's nowhere near the same. Not by a long sight. They're just pitiful and desperate and we are absolutely covered up with addicts. There have been like five overdoses in public places lately. These fuckers are so desperate to shoot up they do it in the middle of Wal Mart. Can't even wait to get home.
Well, we can all forget about extra help once DeVos is finished completely fucking our educational system.
Yeah, that is what it's about - extra help. And I know it's to benefit him. It's just hard...he's already NOT normal in so many ways.
Aw man, I just hate to hear this. I'm so sorry, girl. Bless his heart, and yours. That's just gotta be a shitty scene and y'all deserve better.